• Phil

New Year Diet Tips

As you're heading into the New Year, make sure to take appropriate action to maintain a healthy diet - a great diet has an unparalleled effect on your overall health and body weight! So make sure you're following these tips from the start of the year.

Replace trans-fats for healthy fats

Although fat tastes good and it can be difficult to cut out of your diet, consider making these simple substitutions. For instance avoid shortening and margarine and replace them with butter or coconut oil.

Include omega-3 fats

If you're not actively supplementing your diet with omega-3 fats, you're probably not getting enough! Omega 3 fats have tons of benefits for cardiovascular and mental health, so consider taking a supplement such as fish oil. Furthermore, flax seeds have been shown to contain a considerable amount of omega 3. Add these in your diet to not only boost your heart health, but also your digestive health as well.

Include anti-inflammatory foods

Try to supplement your diet with foods such as broccoli, pomegranate, and berries. Intake of these foods can drive down inflammation within your body responsible for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and cancer. These types of foods can also drive down inflammation cause by high refined carb sources such as white bread.

That's it for today's post! If you're new to the gym and need feedback on your diet plan, check out our personal training services on the Guelph Personal Trainer homepage.