Warming up Before Workouts

If you're starting out at the gym this year, think about taking the time to warm-up. A great warm-up has the ability to increase blood temperature and flow as well as improve muscle movement. This helps increase the performance of your overall workout session. Make sure to adjust warm-up movements according to your workout. For instance, if you're doing shoulders, do complementary shoulder warm-up exercises.

Is it important to warm-up?

Studies have shown that warming up improves your overall workout performance. Warming up also has benefits outside the gym. For instance, you are less likely to strain or pull muscles after warming up. Additionally, warming up and stretching helps maintain good posture and counteract symptoms associated with rigidity, especially if you're not moving around at work.

How long should warm-up sets be?

Try to do stretches and warm-up exercises for at least 10 minutes prior to your main workout regimen. Warm-up sets are typically larger in the number of reps but require less effort to complete. They are called warm-ups for a reason!

What are good examples of warm-up exercises?

Always consider doing stretches before a heavy workout regiment. Not only do these improve your range of movement, but body-weight exercises can add a lot to your overall performance at the gym.

That's it for today's post! If you're new to the gym and need feedback on your exercises, check out our personal training services on the Guelph Personal Trainer homepage.