• Phil

Weight Loss Shakes - Worth It?

As you're gearing up to hit your New Year's Resolutions, you may be considering taking meal-replacement smoothies to curb your cravings. There's definitely pros and cons to weight loss shakes. Here's a couple of things to watch out for before buying:

Helps simplify decisions

Weight loss shakes are all about convenience. They can help reduce the time needed to prepare a meal and curb cravings. Most shakes also contain an abundance of nutrients a regular meal would have as well. Since shakes generally contain less calories than a normal meal, they are effective in addressing weight. However, keep in mind that any caloric deficit is effective in providing the same benefits.

Long-term use is not sustainable

The main problem with using shakes is that people generally go back to their normal diet habits. In some cases, people relapse because shakes generally take the pleasure out of eating. Instead of having a fully cooked meal, it is a lot less appetizing to simply drink dinner out of a cup.

Not to mention that long-term use will quickly empty your wallet!

Bottom Line

It is far better to focus on eating whole foods and restricting portions throughout the day to combat weight gain. For instance, preparing meals in containers for the entire work week on the weekend can significantly help control food intake.

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