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“After my second son, I was about 22kg overweight and VERY unhappy! I would get tired easily and relied on junk food for comfort. My health suffered and I realized that I needed to change, especially if I wanted to be more active with my kids. Myra from PowerFitness helped me make the transition for the better by constantly challenging me at the gym. Now I’m more active with my kids and nutrition is a daily part of my lifestyle. I’m also incorporating what I’ve learned into my children’s nutrition so they’ll make better choices than mom as they get older!!!”


(In-home Weight Loss Training) Guelph, ON


“Nick always went the “extra mile” for myself and his other clients. Even though I was consistently late to my sessions (Sorry Nick!), Nick stayed overtime to help me with my workouts. I really look forward to our training sessions. Thank you to Nick for making working out fun!”

Kathy, M

Age 34

(In-gym Training) Kitchener, ON


“Toughest time of my day is training with Rob. Sometimes I regret coming to you guys. But then I look at the scale – 15kg down so far :)”

Alex, A

(In-gym Strength Training) Guelph, ON


“If you’re looking for a great trainer I would highly recommend Rob. After a few sessions I definitely noticed an improvement in form and my ability to take on extra weight. Good variety of exercises.”

Dan, M

Age 29

(In-gym Strength Training) Guelph, ON


“Great service, great trainers, AMAZING results!! Thank you so much!!”


(In-gym Weight Loss Training) Guelph, ON


“The trainers at PowerFitness do one thing extremely well. They get you into your best physical condition. Atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. I haven't gotten results this good any place else or with any other diet.”

Alex, C

Age 44

(In-gym Training) Guelph, ON


“Rob is very knowledgeable and encouraging at each session. I never thought I'd look forward to exercise.”

Claire, D

(In-home Training) Guelph, ON

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